ærlig P1, P2 og P3

My Story

My name is Lis, and I am the woman behind ærlig. In my work as a trained laboratory and environmental technician, I have worked with hair and skin care products for many years.

Through my work as a product developer, I learned about the 26 allergens which are found in cosmetics and perfumes. I have always been fascinated, working with fragrances that doesn’t contain the 26 allergens. However, finding the perfect fragrance without the allergens can be a very difficult task. In 2018 I decided to develop my very own perfumes. This decision was the beginning of a very long, but also exciting journey. Finally, in the summer of 2020, the perfumes where ready to be introduced on to the market.

Jeg ønsker at være ærlig omkring mine produkter og undlade disse 26 allergener fuldstændigt. jeg har et håb om at flere som ikke tåler parfumer med de 26 allergener, kan tåle ærlig perfumes. The perfumes are produced with the greatest consideration for the environment. That is why all of the ingredients are produced in Europe. Most of the production and packaging is done in Denmark.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my perfumes and that you will find your own new personal favorite.

Lis Hansen