P01 – eau de parfum

P01 is fresh and mild scent. It is a classic fragrance; a fresh, round, and feminine perfume with notes of peonies, coffee, and cilantro.
Along with the calming scent of white musk, P01 awakens the senses in the most pleasant way.

100 ml. | 15 ml.

P01 produkt

P02 – eau de parfum

The scent is pure and flowery; soft but yet intense.
The rose is accompanied by lychee and jasmine, with a hint of patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla.

100 ml. | 15 ml.

P02 forside

P03 – eau de parfum

This scent is bold and set it selves aside from the other two.
If you wear P03 people will surely notice you!
A different and exciting scent with notes of roses, vanilla, orchid, and with a hint of praline.

100 ml. | 15 ml.

P03 Forside

P04 – eau de parfum

This perfume is wonderful and warm. It has a touch of freshness and sweetness, rounded off by a mix of spicy scents.

A lovely scent with notes of bergamot, mandarin, sweet pea, wall flower, and with base notes of amber and patchouli.

100 ml. | 15 ml.

P05 – eau de parfum

P05 is a unique fragrance. It has lightness and at the same time it has a very seductive sensual scent of exotic cedar and a soft and clear touch of spices, which makes the perfume uplifting and warm. 

An elegant fragrance that is perfect for everyday, but even better as a perfume for the party. 

100 ml. | 15 ml.

P05 Parfume

Useful knowledge about the perfumes

The reason why a perfume can smell different

The same perfume can smell very different depending on who uses it and when it is applied to the skin. A scent develops and smells different over time depending on the composition of the scent of notes. It is also about the structure of the perfume. Perfumes consist of top notes, heart notes and base notes.

The 3 levels of a fragrance

Top Notes are the first impression you get of a perfume and can also be called main notes. They have a molecular structure that allows them to disappear quickly. These are the top notes you can smell right away when testing a perfume, and they last from a few minutes and up to half an hour.

As the top notes can quickly disappear, it may be a good idea to wait a bit before deciding which perfume to choose. You may have experienced that another person smelled great wearing a certain perfume, but when you try it in a store, it does not smell the same way at all. This may be because the person had been wearing the perfume for a long time, so the heart notes had come out!

The heart notes usually last for a few hours, but it is very different from person to person how long they last. Scents can develop differently on the same person depending on age, hormone balance in the skin, etc. This may, for example, be an explanation for why it seemed that one's favorite perfume suddenly does not smell the same way as it always has. Perfume is about both chemistry and biology.

The base notes disappear slowly because they have a stronger molecular structure. It is the phase that lasts the longest and where the perfume itself is anchored in the air.

Important knowledge about ærlig allergy-friendly perfumes

Allergy-friendly scents are different from ordinary scents. Allergy-friendly fragrances are free of the vast majority of essential oils, making them generally more special.

Therefore, you may also find that some allergy-friendly perfumes do not last as long as regular perfumes, because you have to refrain from using ingredients that help make the base notes that last a long time.

It is therefore a long process to develop fragrances for ærlig, as we want the perfumes to last as long as possible and smell fantastic.

How to store your perfumes

Perfumes are sensitive, and the best way to store a perfume is to tore it at room temperature in the dark or in its box so that it is not exposed to sunlight. Storing it in the bathroom, which is perhaps the most common, is not good for the durability of the perfume, the temperature in the room changes when you take a shower, and it can get humid and very hot.  


How to apply the perfume

Of course, you want to smell good of perfume all day long. Unfortunately, few perfumes last an entire working day. An Eau de Parfum (EdP) lasts for about five hours, and an Eau de Toilette (EdT) lasts for about three hours. This is because EdP contains more concentrated fragrance oil. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to make the scent last as long as possible.

A tip to make the scent last for several hours is to moisturize the skin first, for example with lotion. Perfume adheres better to the skin if the skin is not dry, so it may be a good idea to add moisture to the skin before applying perfume.

Points on the body where the pulse is close to the surface are good places to apply perfume. Body heat intensifies fragrance.

The wrists and behind the jaw line are the most common places to apply perfume, but remember not to rub the surfaces against each other after applying perfume. Perfume should only be applied and air dried.

Another tip is to apply in the armpit, knee joint and elbow joint, which are also places on the body where it is hot.

Do not forget the hair! A spray of the perfume into the hair and it sticks to the hair.

Apply two coats for extra durability

The 26 Allergens

ærlig’s products are without the 26 most common substances that the EU's cosmetics directive believes can cause allergies.
In regard to Etheric oils, almost all oils will be affected by this directive, as the allergens are found in many of the flower oils, and in all of the citrus oils and oriental oils.
There are only a few oils, that do not contain the 26 allergens.


ærlig perfumes have been dermatologically tested.
This means that the perfumes have undergone several tests to ensure that they do not cause skin irritation.
The tests have been conducted by an independent research institute and is the consumer's guarantee that the approved products are classified as skin-friendly.
However, it is not possible to completely rule out cases of skin reactions, due to individual sensitivity to one or more other ingredients.


In some cases, a perfume can cause contact dermatitis if the skin is exposed to sunlight.
ærlig perfumes have been test free of phototoxicity.